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Maximum Tolerable Downtime

Website visibility and Data Network Reliability

The Cost of Network Outage

Computer Network Outage or RLCS High Availability?

Computer Network Outage or RLCS High Availability?

The world has grown light years past the filing cabinets filled with paper files that existed when RLCS began.  Although most large companies were well on there way with websites and file servers, most small businesses and medium organizations had only begun understanding the need for digital backups and focus on network uptime.  Converting from a 9-5 paper world to a 24-hour digital lifestyle brought both availability benefits and data management struggles that effected the bottom line of even the smallest of mom-and-pop companies.

Developing a good disaster recovery plan to handle the events that could compromise your data, applications, files, and websites is often as crucial as the information itself.  Here in Florida, hurricanes can be right around the corner for half the year and can bring your local area networks and wide area networks to a complete halt.  As many of common applications have become network-based, local electric, phone and internet outages can interrupt workflow and corrupt your files. And as more technology gets introduced to non-technical fields, more inexperienced computer users have been added to the equation bringing higher chances of user error.As a business owner or company manager, weighing out the facts regarding network outages, computer downtime, and website 404s as it has to do with your bottom line is something that must be considered.  What is your maximum tolerable downtime? Who needs to see your data? Do you have a disaster recovery or data backup plan? 

Data Files and Application Servers Availability

Depending on your business structure, the architecture of your network can be very different.  Company data files and applications needed at a single office would not necessarily have high availability if everything was on the Cloud.  Otherwise, marketing images and applications meant for internet-based customers wouldn’t do well in an office server closet.  After evaluating your company needs, RLCS can design the best strategy of on and off-site server strategies to make sure your data is delivered to the authenticated users in the most effective way.

Computers and Server Backups and Recovery

Imagine it.  It’s Monday morning, the first of the month.  Reports are due and your computer does not come on.  You call your local technician and they are able to miraculously get your computer turned on, but all of your data is gone.  Perhaps you ignored security or hardware warnings, or a power surge knocked out a crucial sector of your system.  Whatever the cause, aren’t you glad you made a backup… last quarter?From Database backups to redundant servers to cloned images, there are several ways RLCS can help you create backups that work for your busy schedule with tested recovery systems that give you the best opportunity to get back up in time to get that report submitted.