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Commercial Clients

Keeping pace with the fast pace growth corporate network infrastructure.

Seek - Plan - Code:


RLCS prepared a due diligence audit of existing business functions with Island Doctors, to understand and familiarize the day to day operations they needed at each wholly owned site. In addition to the new sites, RLCS researched the current third party services, such as practice management software, security protocols, & domain hierarchy.


After the research and client briefings were finalized, a service schedule was planned. Level 1 & 2 tasks were assigned in Basecamp to coordinate with all levels of RLCS staff as well as Island Doctor operation staff. Hardware was staged at our operations center and prepped for deployment.


This is the stage where the rubber meets the road. Physical hardware was installed on site and linked with the centralized components and tested during the final stages of the client build out. Due to the research and preparation RLCS took at the beginning stages, we were able to provide a superior network solution the exceeded the timeline and deployment expectations.