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Commercial Clients: Island Doctors

Island Doctors is a medical services organization based out of Northeast Florida focusing on health improvement measures to promote healthy and active lifestyle.


commercial client island doctors

Island Doctors is a fast growing medical group in Northeast Florida. The medical services organization had the opportunity to rapidly expand into a new market. The challenge was to scale and deploy a new network infrastructure while maintaining the core business logic at the legacy office sites. RLCS was tasked to migrate and consolidate existing servers to centralized and apply redundancy to the business applications.


Tools & Technologies Used

Project Details

Island Doctors required the new wholly owned sites to be open for business in an unprecedented timeframe, 1/3 of the normal turn around time a single standard center. RLCS took the opportunity to centralize many core business components to a regional data center, while maintaining clandestine asset redundancy. Centralizing the components allowed RLCS to streamline the construction and deployment for future expansion.