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Home Wireless Systems

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Installing a high-quality WiFi at your home residence provides you with reliable service where you need it most. Our experienced technicians can provide expertly installed solutions to all types residential layouts and to any level of complexity that the client needs. Our additional remote IT support ensures that clients are educated and are always running smoothly. This allows our clients to receive RLCS support at anytime for their convenience. 

WiFi Security

We can configure your existing or new WiFi system to be as secure as possible.  Using WPS, WPA, or WPA2 is just the first step in creating a secure wireless environment.  Considering how many devices you have connecting to your home wireless system - smart TVs, lights, locks, as well as laptops, tablets, and phones - you want to make sure Guests within range of your system are not only not stealing your bandwidth, but not accessing your devices as well. RLCS can optimize both the range of your WiFi, but the WiFi Security as well!