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Macs and PC Repair

We repair your personal Windows, Mac, or Linux-based computer

Personal Computer Repair and Upgrades

RLCS provides solutions for Windows and OS X devices and their technology, software, and security.

RLCS provides solutions for Windows and OS X devices and their technology, software, and security.

Computer running slow? It could be malware, it could be memory, it could be hardware, but you’ll never know until you bring your personal computer in to RLCS Computer Repair at 105 Murabella Pkwy Suite 9 in St. Augustine, Florida. Conveniently located within driving distance of Jacksonville and Daytona, our onsite computer repair team can get your PC updated securely and faster than you’d expect with the service and reliability that thousands of our customers have learned to trust.

The data on your personal computer is important to you, and our RLCS Computer Repair department knows what it takes to keep you malware-free, optimized, backed up, and running at top speeds. Our techs have the experience to perform memory and hardware upgrades, system updates and operating system optimization, as well as build custom computers.

RLCS prides itself on providing practical and creative solutions for our clients. We tailor our services to fit your unique needs and challenges. We do so by providing a range of computer repair services - from diagnosing errors with your system to designing and executing entire system upgrades. 

Computer Repair Services We Offer: 

We can remedy your residential IT challenges. 

Microsoft Windows PCs and Laptops

Microsoft Windows Operating Systems are the most common found in today’s PCs and Laptops. Knowing the ins and outs of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Home and Windows Professional, we can help upgrade your operating system, set up computer maintenance schedules, as well as update your memory and hard drive. Due to the popularity, Windows is often hit with virus and malware more than other Operating Systems, so RLCS can help keep your data safe with data backups, malware removal and anti-virus protection, as well as advanced security encryption techniques.

Apple Mac, iMac, iPad and more

We do more than Windows PCs. Although not known for malware, updates and repairs on MACs, tablets, and Linux-based machines are our secret specialty. You have invested in Apple products and we are here to support your Mac computer iPad and even iPhone! We also support Ubuntu, Red Hat, and other Linux distributions.