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Our Terms and Conditions

RLCS Personally Identifiable Information Usage

Terms & Conditions

I (Client) agree to pay RLCS to repair, analyze and troubleshoot my computer hardware at a rate of

Minimum charge is $25 (Residential) or $42.50 (Commercial). Time is billed to the nearest ½ hour.

Although RLCS will do its best to conduct all activities in a timely manner, I understand that troubleshooting issues is a time-consuming process and agree to pay RLCS for troubleshooting time as necessary.

I also certify that I will indemnify and hold harmless RLCS for any and all data or software that may be lost or erased, as well as for any consequence of the erasure or loss of that data or software.

Although RLCS will take every precaution to preserve all data and software on the computer, I acknowledge that occasionally data loss will occur and/or software operation may be compromised. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless RLCS for any and all hardware or software malfunctions or accidents that may occur before, during or after work is performed on Client’s computer, and for any results thereof.

I also certify that I will indemnify and hold harmless and will pay for added support to RLCS for any software repairs necessary after a virus has been detected and removed off a computer. Viruses in a computer can cause many problems, and it is impossible to control what or how the virus affected the computer before our removal.

Any private information stored on your computer or viewed by RLCS during a remote support call will be held in strict confidentiality unless disclosure is required by law.

Release of Liability:

CLIENT agrees to release and hold harmless RLCS from any and all liability associated with the performance of service or the provision of parts and acknowledges also that RLCS offers no explicit or implied warranty or guarantee on services performed or parts provided, other than the manufacturer’s warranty.


  1. CLIENT acknowledges that due to the nature of the services being performed, there is potential risk of damage or loss including, but not limited to, damage to CLIENT's home, office, computer hardware, cabling, hubs, routers, switches, peripherals, accessories, and furniture, as well as potential risk of damage, corruption, or
  2. CLIENT agrees to release and hold harmless RLCS from all liability for damage or loss as well as any incidental or consequential material or financial damage or loss that may result from the actions of RLCS.
  3. CLIENT grants RLCS access and permission to physically disassemble any and all computer systems, components, networks, cabling, hubs, routers, switches, peripherals, and accessories.
  4. CLIENT grants RLCS access, security rights, and permission to open, view, modify, edit, delete, or otherwise manipulate CLIENT's computer software, applications, data, and data storage media including, but not limited to, the computer Operating System, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, workflow, graphics, audio, video, system drivers and libraries, and any other type of software or data that may be contained on CLIENT's computer system or network.
  5. CLIENT grants RLCS permission to physically access CLIENT's home or office property where CLIENT's computer system and/or network resides.
  6. CLIENT grants RLCS permission to perform modification to CLIENT's home or office property for the purpose of installing or troubleshooting computer and/or networking hardware, cabling, hubs, routers, switches or peripherals. Modification may include such practices as drilling through or disassembling furniture, walls, floors, carpet or trim, laying and removing cabling and devices including affixing cabling and devices to furniture, walls, floors, or trim, using nails, screws, staples, hangers, or plastic ties.
  7. CLIENT grants RLCS permission to download and/or install software on CLIENT's computer and/or network, including but not limited to, virus scanners, diagnosis and repair utilities, drivers, libraries, and software requested to be installed by CLIENT.
  8. CLIENT grants RLCS permission to install hardware in CLIENT's computer and/or network, including but not limited to, memory chips, processor chips, cooling fans, batteries, hard drives, tape drives, storage devices, modem and communication devices, audio and video cards, network interface cards, hubs, routers, switches, printers, scanners, cables, and any other hardware requested to be installed by CLIENT.
  9. RLCS strongly recommends that CLIENT safeguard critical data by backing up said data prior to any services performed by RLCS. CLIENT is responsible for any backup, archiving, or protective storage as well as restoration if required, of CLIENT's data.

Warranty & Return Policy

Period of Warranty

The warranty offered by RLCS is limited to thirty (30) days from the day the repair is completed*, unless specified otherwise on the Invoice or Work Order. Hardware components are covered through the manufacturer’s factory warranty (see “Factory Warranty” below).

Conditions of Warranty

The warranty is only for repairs done that are listed on the invoice. The warranty is a carry-in, or in-store warranty. If service is needed on-site, labor charges would apply. The warranty is to replace / repair the items originally serviced on the invoice. The warranty does not give store credit or cash refund.


Computer Hardware Warranty: The warranty covers the cost of labor and replacement parts for all hardware related problems. Software and user error related problems are NOT covered. Viruses: Virus repairs are not covered by the warranty. Each computer is susceptible to viruses and it is the owner’s responsibility to utilize virus protection software. Regardless if the computer was supplied with virus protection when it was new, RLCS cannot guarantee that all viruses will be repaired. Software Operating Systems: Any software that is on the client’s computer or comes pre-installed with our systems, including the operating system, is not covered by the warranty. User-caused problems: If our assistance is required after a customer attempted to solve a problem out of their own accord, the repair thereof will not be covered under the warranty.

Factory Warranty

The factory warranty is a limited warranty that is offered by the manufacturers of the various computer components and is limited to their specific terms and conditions of sale and their return policies.


  1. No returns for cash or credit will be entertained after seven (7) calendar days from date of invoice - the customer must ensure that the correct purchase has been made within this seven (7) calendar day period. All returns are subject to a 15% percent restocking fee and must be in the original packaging with no signs of defects.
  2. Only store credit will be issued for new items NOT installed by RLCS. All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee and must be in the original packaging with no signs of defects.
  3. All USED items are sold as is, no refunds, credit, or exchanges are available.
  4. NO Refunds, credit, or exchanges are available for SPECIAL ORDER items.

Electronics Repairs

For all electronics repairs the issue will be assessed and the customer will be notified of cost for repair, at which time the diagnosis charge of $38 will apply unless technicians determine that the item is not cost feasible to repair. Cellular phones are recommended to be repaired by certified phone repair shops, which we are not. Therefore, these repairs will not be performed, unless it is a simple repair and/or the customer assumes all liability. Electronics repairs come with up to a 30-day warranty, however cellular phone and screen repairs come with NO WARRANTY, written or implied.

Abandoned Devices Policy

Computers and small electronics repaired at RLCS and not picked up for 30 days are subject to a $10 a month storage fee. Televisions and large electronics left longer than 7 days are subject to a $10 per day storage fee. RLCS is not responsible for goods not picked up after 60 days of check in. Goods may be sold or discarded after 60 days.

Payment Plans

At this time, partial payments, payment plans, or extensions are not permissible.

Customers may call or stop by RLCS with any questions about the Warranty Return Policy.

* Once repairs are completed, the customer will be notified. If computer equipment is picked up thirty (30) or more days after the day of notification, the thirty (30) day warranty will be considered expired.