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NSA Releases Cybersecurity Information Sheet on Securing Wireless Devices in Public Settings

Practical Steps for Robust Wireless Security Controls

Given the events of the last 18 months, there’s no denying that remote working is here to stay. As the workforce continues to transition more and more into remote & telework settings, the information security landscape changes. IT professionals must continue to develop policies and systems to reduce the threat vector, but sometimes the most effective method of mitigating cybersecurity vulnerabilities is end user education. Often times, users assume publicly offered hotspots maintain robust security controls, when in reality most public networks are not adequately secured. The NSA released a CSI (Cybersecurity Information Sheet) on Securing Wireless Devices in Public Settings. The document does a great job in providing straightforward steps to maintain your security posture in public network settings, such much so that we wanted to share it in its entirety.

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